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By Marshall Cap

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Company Marshall Cap
Tel +82-1644 – 0488
Site https://www.marshalcap.co.kr/
Sector Pigfog

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  • Pigfog

Company Information

Marshall Cap Co., Ltd is a global hygiene solution company with technology to control viruses, harmful substances, and bacteria that cause various infectious diseases. 

Various harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, etc. are difficult to identify with the naked eye, making them more threatening to human health and hygiene. 

Marshall Cap Co., Ltd. can prevent and remove any threat to human health with a complete hygiene solution. 

Product Description

Designed as a multifunctional disinfectant fogger, it allows deep penetration into microscopic areas while dispensing a fine & strong mist of disinfectant


- wireless portable fogger with disinfectant properties

- Lightweight & Ergonomic design

- Can cover vast area with the high-volume of spraying 

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